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Medications For Eczema Pose Cancer Risks

by Evelyn Lim

Astellas Pharma U.S., Inc, manufacturer of Protopic (tacrolimus), is now facing several lawsuits that the drug may cause cancer. Protopic has been on the market for the last five years as a topical medication for eczema. Since its launch, both Protopic and similar drug Elidel (pimecrolimus) have been prescribed to 7.5 million people, including children. Elidel is manufactered by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Both Protopic and Elidel were marketed as effective and safe drugs for people with moderate eczema. After all, both these drugs are steroid free and have been considered as suitable alternatives to corticosteroids (traditionally the method of treatment for eczema).

Protopic, and similarly Elidel, can control the symptoms of eczema that includes redness, itching and inflammation. They can be used in almost all parts of the body including the neck and facial area. The recommended use of these creams were about twice a day for six weeks or as directed by your physician.

However, since early January 2006, these drugs are made known by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, of possible cancer risks. It directed that manufacturers of Protopic and Elidel to add a warning black box in their product label of possible risks.

There are now reported cases of skin cancer arising from the use of Protopic as an eczema treatment. More people now realize that Protopic and Elidel are classified as immunosuppressant. This simply means that anyone who uses this medication is exposed to a number of diseases, including cancer, because the imune system is relatively weakened.

Traci Reilly of Naperville in the U.S. thinks that the two widely prescribed medications may be responsible for her breast cancer. She first developed a lump in her right breast which was the exact area where she was using the drug.

Reilly had used both Protopic and Elidel. She was prescribed these medications as she was suffering from a condition called vitiligo that caused small patches of discolored skin on her body.

Vitiligo, a type of skin disease, may as well be the first signs of skin cancer. It is characterized with loss of skin pigmentation and may leave a milky white patch on the skin. (If you are using Elidel or Protopic for eczema pain treatment and observe this kind of symptom, stopped the medication and consult your physician immediately. ) There are also reported cases of lymphoma that are allegedly caused by Elidel. Lymphoma is a cancer of the tissues or lymph modes. Elaine Eklund had been using Elidel to treat a rash on her facial area and two weeks later she notice a lump on her neck. She is sure that Elidel is the cause of her lymphoma.

Tom Moore, an author of several books involving the pharmaceutical industry, claims that there should have been warnings from the start. In all these cases, the warning by FDA came too late.

He studied about 1,200 cases of suspected drug injuries pertaining to Protopic and Elidel reported to the FDA through 2005. Moore discovered more than 100 potential cancer cases in children and adults, although he believed that the numbers should be higher as many cases go unreported. Most of the 100 potential cases involve lymphoma or skin cancer, although it cannot be concluded that they are all directly linked to the drugs.

Moore also cited an animal study involving monkeys who were given high doses of Protopic. The monkeys developed cancer after receiving the oral form of the Protopic. Together with other studies, the conclusion was that the higher the dose of Protopic used, the higher the rates of cancer became. These studies, together with more reported cases of drug injuries, prompted the FDA to issue to the need for the black box warning.

Research laboratories are now studying more cases involving the use of Protopic and Elidel. Still, such human studies, as the FDA pointed out, can take ten years or more. At the present moment, it is best that you refrain from using these medications for eczema. Hence, if you wish to continue to use Protopic or Elidel, then be aware of the cancer risks and discuss your options thoroughly with your physician. In any case, you are strongly advised not to use these drugs if you have a weak immune system or for babies or children less than 2 years old.
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Friday, March 2, 2007

Not ratedBreast Cancer Therapy - Avoids Stres and Multiplies Consumption of Vegetable

by Jaime San
Even breast cancer cause had not been known sure, but a number of risk factors have been told by the medical doctors, so anticipation effort can be done long before the day. If also cancer cell had emerged, at least handling or management to risk factors can pursue spreading of the cell. One of risk factor is stress or soul convulsion.

Have ever been found patient suffering breast cancer as result of stress suffered. Really stress and there is no cause other. He is not at all has genetic disparity or folks suffering breast cancer. Condition of patient cancer the stays at stadium 2, mean possibility recovers or its(the a spark of life spread still enough lengths. But stress continuous experienced by makes it living on only until year second.

In consequence, stress cannot be paltered. Handling to stress must be done soon possibly, both for the preventing and also therapy for cancer patient. Other risk factor is menstruating at the age of early ( age 11 years downwards). Scientific scanning shows case number of breast cancer would be higher at man who is experiencing menstruates at age 11 years downwards is compared to them experiencing it is at the age of 13 years. Whereas menopause that is overdue and also has not married or have not borne also is risk factor. Consumption of Alcohol, smoking and consumption of drug containing estrogen hormone on a long term is a number of risk factors also. Other factor is descendant. Someone that his family contracted breasts cancer, hence she has the same risk. Gene mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 has tightly bearing with breast cancer risk, ovary or both 50-85 % percent. Because of that, suggested if there is member of family hit by breast cancer hence member of other family must do inspection with mammography.
Woman with standard risk can do mammography at the age of 40 years upward. But woman with primary risk, especially with mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2, mammography better be started at the age of 25 years. Or at the age of 5 year is more young from member of family is young having breast cancer history. For example, if the sister suffers cancer at the age of 26 year, hence its ( the sister ) ? brother with mutation BRCA1 or BRCA2 is suggested to starts inspection of mammography at the age of 21 years.

There was no method that was certain to ward off or cure cancer.
There is none that prevented absolutely. But life pattern healthy and avoids stress is one of medium to pursue spreading of cancer cell and lengthens hope age life. Many vegetable consumptions and ascorbic acid, eliminates stress, avoids cigarette and doesn't too fat. A number of researches show consumption of fruits and vegetable can reduce breast cancer risk. The reason is, food from rich plant with antioxidant nutrient preventing damage of cells which able to cause cancer. Labors to consume very a few 5 portion of fruits or vegetable per day. Other research shows single unsaturated fat like olive can protect us from breast cancer, while saturated fat as there is in flesh and butter can increases risk. This told by David J. Hunter, MD., Director Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention in Boston.

The experts who observed the habit eating the patient and the healthy woman of breasts cancer also found the woman that Mengonsumsi steak well done (very ripe) was risky 4 times were higher was affected by this illness was compared that more liked Steak the medium, like that according to a research in 1998 that was contained in Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The research In 1997 that was published the medical English journal, The Lancet also found consumption of the soybean that often contained The compound phytoestrogen will reduce the risk of breasts cancer.

So whose spells out members breast cancer is anything end? Many ways which able to be done to live it up more length. One other important therapies, forgets that you are a breast cancer patient because increasingly you thought of it hence increasingly distress weight felt and increasingly light physical of you. So why must immerse in sorrow when still many other gladness ? joys is awaited your involvement.

About the AuthorJaime San is article writer about health on Comperhensive Cancer Information and Pregnant Pregnancy Information.

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Skin Care Treatment Product Ingredients to Avoid

Skin Care Treatment Product Ingredients to Avoid

Breast Implants Safety

by Hillary Nehls

There has been a long discussion over many years whether breast implants are safe or not. Breast implants are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. There is simply no other option available to increase breast volume.

Increasing breast size is a personal decision. While there is rarely a medical reason for it, getting breast implants and bigger breasts can have a big positive psychological impact on women. However, it also means to accept potential risks. Many would like to accept any risk in order to get bigger breasts.

With breast implants you can change the size and also the shape of your breast. For many women this means an improvement of life quality and is therefore worth the risk. Like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, a breast implant surgery has risks as well.
Per year there are over 250,000 breast implant surgeries performed and the numbers are increasing. About 7% have their implants removed again. Breast implants are for augmentation and reconstruction, a pure cosmetic surgery only. You can choose between saline and silicone filled implants. Some implants allow a change in the volume even after surgery.
Saline-filled breast implants are FDA approved, silicon implants not yet. Silicone is assumed to be biologically inactive and therefore safe but over the years many women claimed that their implants would cause tissue or neurological diseases or even cancer. Till now it is still unclear whether silicon implants are totally safe or not.

Another risk is a tightening and squeezing of the scar tissue around the implant. It can change the shape of the breast, cause pain and require a surgery. Rupture can occur anytime. Saline filled implants would only leak salt water which is not dangerous but the impact of leaked silicon is still unknown. It is advised to remove the broken implant.

Another potential risk is nerve damage which could lead to a change in sensation in the nipple and tissue. You should also know that you most likely will have more than one surgery over time because of the complications. Breast implants will not last a lifetime. There are women who believe that implants have destroyed their health and lifes while others are very happy with implants.

There are still many questions that have to be answered before you have a breast implant. If you decide for a breast implant surgery, make sure you choose an experienced surgeon who can answer your questions and has a proven track record.

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Founder of Hillary Nehls has published several articles about Large Breast Implants, Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation or Big Breast Implants.